About Us

CBA is the first investment network dedicated to cross border investments.We have over 100 investors in various countries (India, China, UK, USA, and Spain, among others) and we are closing an average of 2 deals a month. Our goal is to have over 1000 investors globally and intent to close 10 to 15 deals a month.

We help investors to co-invest in international high growth potential companies, and we help companies to raise funds with trusted and smart investors in different markets.

CBA belongs to Scaale Group of companies, growth consultants dedicated to help companies through capital, sales and talent. Scaale Group has offices in more than 10 countries and a team of 300 employees around the world.

Smart investors typically work towards building value towards an exponential exit, by working actively with the business, thus acting as an integral stakeholder. Through this unique engagement, entrepreneurs are better equipped for Series A, a Strategic Investment and/or a subsequent exit.

We have created a strong and efficient methodology to organize investment meetings and due diligence process to ensure a quick response to entrepreneurs and a quality screening to our investors. CBA is a fully managed platform which handles screening, unlimited investor meetings, due diligence, term sheet negotiations and investor relationships.

CBA understands that timing, quality and efficiency are key pillars on any fund raising process.

To Investors

We help investors to co-invest in international deals with experienced investors and experts. Investors can find international smart co-investors for their current deals and also find new deals in other markets to diversify their investments.

To Companies

We assist companies to raise funds from our members in various countries. They can access smart capital as our members are from various verticals and are based in locations around the world. Companies only pitch to selected investors who has shown interest in your company. Apart from investors we also provide mentors/advisors and experts through our unique platform of iMentor.Co


  • IoT
  • Cloud
  • Mobile
  • Social
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Ecommerce
  • Marketplaces
  • Media
  • High Tech
  • Clean Tech
  • Medical Devices

  • Real estate
  • Logistics
  • Growth Oriented Manufacturing
  • Distribution Companies
  • Consumer products
  • Retail
  • Food
  • Travel Tech
  • Edu Tech
  • Hospitality
  • Smart city tech
  • Smart Infrastructure
  • Health Care

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