How it Works

1. Process to present


Fill Up Application and send it to Download here


One of our analysts will review your application and reach out to you.

Selection Committee

Pre-selected companies will be invited to present at Selection Committees in our offices in different cities or virtually.

1-4 Working Weeks

Selected Companies

Our team will work with the selected companies to present them before local and international investors and support them during the entire fund raise process.

1 Working Week

2. Investment Meetings & Fund Raise process

How It Works

CBA has created a strong and efficient methodology to organize investment meetings and due diligence process to ensure a quick response to entrepreneurs and a quality screening to our investors.

  • The objective of the investment meeting is to get the investors interested and willing to go through due diligence process to understand if they want to invest.
  • Every selected company will be meeting investors (local or/and international) interested in that particular industry, market and stage.
  • CBA team provides you support during, prior and post your investment meeting.
  • The investors that decide to join your meeting have already gone through your deck, discussed the opportunity with CBA team and showed interest to meet you. This is important so you don't waste time presenting in front of investors that may not be interested in your space.
  • The investment meeting is organized through video conference as our investors could join from different countries.
  • After the investment meeting, CBA will evaluate the investor's interest and set up a due diligence process with the ones that are willing to pursue the opportunity.
  • The DD process will mainly analyze: General company information, financial and tax information, team and employees, product, IP, business contracts and pipeline, valuation, among others.
  • The DD process will take up to 4 working weeks.
  • If the DD is satisfactory for our investors investment agreement will be provided for your review and consideration.
  • Final negotiation on Term Sheet will be conducted with support of CBA team.
  • The Term Sheet negotiation process may take up to 2 working weeks.

Engagement Options

Presentation to CBA investors

  • The CBA team will work with the entrepreneur before investor meeting to set the right expectations and process.
  • Virtual meetings with interested investors would be scheduled.