Cross Border Angels(CBA) is the first international network where investor member can invest in local deals or global deals with a discreet or public participation. Our community includes high net worth individuals CXOs, family offices, micro ventures and other institutional investors.

CBA USA members are accredited investors as that term is defined in Regulation D under the 1933 Act of U.S Security and Exchange Commission and under other applicable securities laws and regulations.

CBA has different philosophy of cross border investments.
Our platform allows its members to leverage various types of curated investments.

Exit oriented investment

Following the Silicon Valley model where companies focus on aggressive growth strategy with a goal of having exits with highest multiples.

Steady return investment

Beyond the exit-oriented ventures, there are millions of businesses which are viable as growth companies who can provide interest on debt or can provide dividends or revenue share returns.

Impact investment

Where investor members are looking for maximum impact in society. It can be triple bottom line or social impact investment.

Value Proposition for Investor

Deal flow generation from various sources
Extensive screening process which is based on deep knowledge of our analysts.
Multiple online meetings with investors irrespective of time zones.
Ongoing investors relationship
Provide an opportunity to discuss with innovation and investment related media.
Leverage collective knowledge of investors and mentors.
Deep due diligence for local or global deals.
Mutually beneficial term sheet negotiation.
Events around the world in various cities and provide at event interaction with entrepreneurs and local start up eco systems.
Direct investment in companies or creation of special purpose vehicle to co-invest with a group.
Support for legal or regulatory structure through global partners.
Portfolio Management Support.


  • Inclusion of likeminded individuals from all over the world.
  • Access to high-quality real time intelligence to global trends.
  • Collective intelligences for vertical, geography & investment experience.
  • Opportunities to meet cool people.
  • The knowledge & connection gained from CBA platform can enrich your Business and interest.

Why consider investing in International Companies ?

  • Co invest with likeminded international members.
  • Diversify your portfolio of local companies on a global scale.
  • Fun life-style: Able to travel, and become familiar with new markets, teams, and cultures.
  • Investing in companies based in high-growth countries with large markets presents less risk and more potential return of investment.
  • Collective intelligences

Administration Fees

Individual Investor Member

$1500 / year

Mentors and Advisors

$1000 / year

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*non USA based investor members please refer to CBA Worldwide website.